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handgun safe for sale are not required to meet standards before being put on the market in the United States. As a result, these devices are not properly evaluated for security vulnerabilities before being sold to gun owners. For the basics of handgun safe construction, see handgun safe for sale Design. Many handgun safes sold in the U.S. are imported from China, where safes are built from copied and recycled designs. Almost no engineering goes into Chinese-made safes. To learn about the security problems that result from China’s industry practices, see the Errors In Engineering page.

Responsible gun owners know the importance of having a reliable, secure gun safe. Keeping your firearms adequately secured helps to prevent accidents or theft, so it is certainly not a factor where you want to skimp on quality. While no safe thus far is 100% uncrackable, the idea is to take every responsible measure possible to provide access to firearms to only specific, intended individuals, and keep everyone else out — especially children.

While general-purpose safes can be effective at locking away valuables, handgun safe for sale that are specifically designed to store firearms offer the most versatility, organization, and value. We’d like to briefly offer a description of the three basic types of gun safes available before going into the different features that can be at your disposal.

Most handgun safe for sale near me are portable and small in size — about the size of a briefcase or small suitcase. This portability is designed for firearm owners that regularly take their guns with them. Slightly larger handgun safes are also available for storing multiple guns and are usually about the size of an apple box.Gun safes may include additional security features such as fire or water protection, combination lock, digital lock, and fingerprint identification.