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The night vision goggles for sale are electronic devices that allow the wearer to see better in the dark. They offer a hands-free alternative to other night vision equipment. While consumer-grade products are available, night vision goggles are often used in military or law enforcement settings. These tend to be very expensive and top-of-the-line models can cost thousands of dollars.

night vision goggles for sale (sometimes called NVGs) don’t usually have magnification, so the image distance you see is similar to what it would be to your unaided eyes. They cover both eyes and give the wearer better depth perception than a camera or a device with a single eyepiece.

In a way, they are an artificial improvement of your own natural night vision.

night vision goggles for sale, monoculars and cameras are generally more popular with the average consumer than goggles. These devices are often used for low-light security, hunting and wildlife viewing.

You might even own a night vision device without knowing it.

night vision goggles for sale technology is a term that presently encompasses three distinct technologies. The first night vision equipment was developed during the Korean War. Now sometimes referred to as generation-zero, this equipment employed image converter technology to transform infrared to visible light. The equipment operated in an active mode in that it required the subject of observation to be illuminated with an infrared light source. Lasers and filtered flashlights were utilized for this purpose. Resolution of the detector was constrained by the available processing technology at the time, limiting practical military engagement distances to within a few hundred meters. This active system also had the drawback of being easily detected by others with viewing equipment.
The subsequent principal technological development for night vision goggles for sale is thermal imaging. Thermal imagers are passive systems that respond to available infrared light at wavelengths in the 8-12 micrometer range. These wavelengths are readily emitted by all blooded animals as well as soil and plant life, warmed during the daytime hours. Infrared light is thus generated and available continuously, during both the day and night, so that these viewers have the distinction of performing equally well in both environmental lighting extremes.

The vast majority of night vision equipment and what most people think of when the are referring to night vision goggles for sale are devices that utilize image intensification technology. These devices are presently in their third development phase. They are passive devices that operate using naturally available light. Incoming light is converted to electrons, which are amplified and converted back into visible light.